Eschenbach 2.2x - 3.4x Brightfield Stand Magnifier

1-14 days Eschenbach 2.2x - 3.4x Brightfield Stand Magnifier


The MenasZoom is a revolutionary stand magnifier that literally lets you turn up the magnification!

By simply twisting the top of the MenasZoom, the magnification will increase from 2.2x up to 3.4x allowing users to select the magnification that is best for them to view images or text.

If the user needs to switch to smaller or larger sized text, they can easily change the magnification with a simple twist of the top of the device. This is ideal for patients who need different magnifications to read a newspaper or magazine where the headlines, standard text and stock pages or sports scores are printed in different sized fonts. With the MenasZoom, they can use one device to read multiple sizes of text!

The key to the MenasZoom's ability to provide variable magnification is its unique meniscus / aspheric lens design. This design not only allows the magnification to be changed, but also combines the benefits of a bright field and hand-held magnifier: a comfortable eye-to-lens viewing distance at a higher magnification.

In addition, since the MenasZoom is 70mm (2.7 inches) in diameter (larger than most bright field magnifiers), it also provides a large field of view. A drawstring pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth is included.


  • Magnification: 2.2x - 3.4x, with increments of 2.5x, 2.8x, and 3.1x
  • Illumination: None, no bulbs or batteries to change or replace
  • Lens Size: 70mm or 2.7 inches in diameter
  • Lens Type: Meniscus and Aspheric combined
  • Case: Draw string pouch for protection, doubles as cleaning cloth

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