Eschenbach 3x System Vario Illuminated Head

1-14 days Eschenbach 3x System Vario Illuminated Head

System vario plus - 3X (100x75mm)

System vario plus from ESCHENBACH offers optimum versatility.
It offers 9 different magnification levels from 2.8x to 12.5x and a whole variety of illumination options. The system is therefore extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit individual requirements. This means that System vario plus is the illuminated magnifier system which offers the most varied selection of illumination options and magnifications.
For more than 10 years, ESCHENBACH has been using the tried and tested XENON light in its System vario plus. The XENON gas used in this light provides long-lasting, bright illumination of the reading material. System vario plus offers maximum reliability and maximum illumination. This means that the system is used for many different applications even in other sectors, e.g. it is used in the field of lighting technology by well-known German car manufacturers.


  • Stand magnifiers are primarily for use at home.
  • System vario plus is particularly suitable for users who cannot hold magnifiers freely (e.g. age-related shaking or Parkinson's disease).
  • As the magnifiers rest directly on the reading material when used and are not held freely in the hand, they are ideal for reading over long periods of time.
  • To achieve a uniform reading distance, system vario plus should be used in combination with a reading desk (1605).


  • Large, easy-to-use brightness control switch makes operation simple.
  • Optimum illumination of the reading material is guaranteed.
  • Magnifier heads with a diameter greater than 58 mm are fitted with a retractable red reading line to improve line reading and ease of reading.
  • The rectangular magnifier heads are equipped with a swivel segment-shaped supplementary lens.
  • If spectacles are required for reading, then they can used without a problem with Eschenbach illuminated magnifiers.
  • Details relating to magnification/ dipotre value/recommended eye-lens distance are stated on all magnifier heads.

Technical information:

  • All lenses are aspherical PXM® light-weight lenses
  • All lenses are coated on both sides with cera-tec® hard coating

Magnifier heads, circular

  • The 15539, 15549 and 15599 magnifier heads are fitted with a retractable reading guideline which improves orientation on the reading material and increases reading speed
  • All lenses are aspherical PXM® light-weight lenses
  • All lenses are coated on both sides with cera-tec® hard coating
  • The enclosed magnifier heads offer optimum light efficiency and extremely even light distribution

Magnifier heads, rectangular

  • Supplementary swivel lenses, manufactured in the form of medical cut-off filters (450 nm), improve the ability to follow the line whilst reading to a considerable extent.
  • The supplementary lenses improve orientation.
  • The supplementary lenses (4 dpt) make it much easier to read small print.
  • Straight and diagonal viewing is possible with the swivel lens mounting.


159910 battery handle

  • for 2 batteries ("baby" type) or 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Light: spherical filament lamp 2.5 V, 250 mA

159940 Battery handle, LED

  • Comfortable battery handle with innovative LED illumination
  • Holds 2 batteries ("baby" type) or 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Illumination: 2 high-contrast, white LEDs, 123 mA
  • LEDs have an unlimited service life and do not require changing

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