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Caretec Colorino 1-14 days

Caretec Colorino

Based on our famous ColorTest and appreciated by users all over the world, this new, efficient an..


Caretec Colortest 1-14 days

Caretec Colortest

The ColorTest Standard is a worldwide leading Hi-Tec product made by CareTec! With its sophistica..


Caretec Lumitest 1-14 days

Caretec Lumitest

LumiTest is a sophisticated light probe and contrast detector for blind people. The artificial ey..


Doublecheck Talking Calculator 1-14 days

Doublecheck Talking Calculator

DoubleCheck does not only provide the basic arithmetic operations, but also combines numerous oth..


I-Tell 1-14 days


A unique, innovative and exciting product, which enables your existing iPod to announce your stor..


Portable Talking Multi Function Radio 1-14 days

Portable Talking Multi Function Radio

This revolutionary new portable AM/FM talking clock radio has been designed specifically for the ..


Tactile Bank Note Detector - Sterling 1-14 days

Tactile Bank Note Detector - Sterling

Available in two versions, one for sterling and one for euros. The bank note money detector has a..


Talking A4 Desk Calculator 1-14 days

Talking A4 Desk Calculator

A basic calculator, but A4 size with large buttons and a clear display. Function keys include squ..


Talking Colour Detector 1-14 days

Talking Colour Detector

Very light and easy to use, this device has a wide range of useful applications from checking the..


Talking Combination Oven 1-14 days

Talking Combination Oven

This combination oven is an easy to use fully talking microwave with radiant glass element for th..


Talking Handheld Calculator 1-14 days

Talking Handheld Calculator

8 digit display calculator with alarm clock and announcement of input digits and totals. It has a..


Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer 1-14 days

Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

In/Out temperature announcement at alarm time Big dual LCD display for easy viewing ..


Talking Measuring Jug 1-14 days

Talking Measuring Jug

Talking measuring jug has a high quality female voice. It measures in imperial pints and ..


Talking Microwave Oven MK6A 1-14 days

Talking Microwave Oven MK6A



Talking Pedometer 1-14 days

Talking Pedometer

Talking Pedometer Enter the average length of one step then, when clipped to a belt or..


Talking Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector 1-14 days

Talking Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

This device has a voice alarm which eliminates confusion, it clearly tells you of smoke or carbon..


Talking Tape Measure 1-14 days

Talking Tape Measure

A 16ft (5 metre) tape measure with a resolution of 1mm - 1/16".  The meas..


Talking Timer 1-14 days

Talking Timer

This device is a combined count up and count down timer as well as a talking clock.  Maxim..


Talking Timer Alarm Clock 1-14 days

Talking Timer Alarm Clock

This clock has all the timekeeping and alarm functions of our talking calender clock, with the sa..


Talking Timestat 1-14 days

Talking Timestat

This extremely versatile device has a host of features, including 2 independent timers adjustable..