Voxcom II

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Voxcom II 

The VOXCOM II can be used to identify any item a card can be attached to, medication, clothing, food, household items, etc. Messages are recorded by simply holding in the button on the side of unit and inserting a card into the slot, after you hear the click it will record what ever you speak in to the unit. Each card can have a maximum of 10 seconds of speech recorded on to it. Playback of a message is as simple as inserting a card in to the slot on the unit. The VOXCOM II comes in two versions. One with 50 cards and one with 100 cards. Please note you are not able to upgrade from the 50 card unit to the 100 card unit. 
Size: 69mm -2.74" (W) x 94mm - 3.73" (H) x 30mm - 1.20" (D).
Powered by one 9 volt battery (included).

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